Products are always going to feature as a key part of your experience
at Sam Macdonald Hair

I have had the opportunity to use a very diverse range of products during my time taking care of people’s hair and over the years I have seen many products come and go on the market. I confidently use three product ranges at Sam Macdonald Hair and have shared some of the reasons as to why I love Pure, Davines and Activance below.

If you are unsure about the right products for your hair then please reach out and ask me. I’m more than happy to help you to understand the difference between what is available and why one product might be ideal and another might not.

One of the many key parts of your personalised consultation which occurs at the beginning of each appointment with me, is a discussion about what you want for your hair. The right products support you to take care of it at home between salon visits and also enhance the condition and help with longevity of your colour.

I stock every product I use and recommend as part of your visit, making it easier for you to take home exactly what you need.

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Why do I choose Pure for guests visiting Sam Macdonald Hair?

Why do I use Pure?

Pure is what it says it is.

10 certified organic extracts in the shampoos and conditioners and 8 of those in their colour, including Aloe Vera, Lavender, Apricot and Thyme to name a few.

In a time where people are becoming more allergic, this range saves the day and everything is grown and made in Australia so you are supporting local business.

When I was a technician for this company, some off the salons had young staff members with terrible dermatitis from all the time at the basin. Everytime we put this in at the basin, it cleared up their skin, so I think that explains how simple and beautiful this product is.

As for the colour, I use the demi colours in conjunction with Davines colour.

Pure colour is Ammonia and MEA free and every time I use it my guests comment on its beautiful smell and the shine it delivers. It’s a quality product to match the quality service I am committed to providing for every guest I welcome into Sam Macdonald Hair.

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Why do I choose Davines for guests visiting Sam Macdonald Hair?

Why do I use Davines hair care and colour?

So many reasons but that main one being that the product works for me and I know it inside and out to get the best performance possible. On top of this they use high grade natural ingredients sourced from local farmers in Parma, Italy where they are made.

Davines does in fact keep many of these farmers in business, using their produce. On top of this the science aspect added into the products is up to date and on point, utilising quinoa in their colours instead of animal proteins used in so many others.

Davines colour is vegan and 86% naturally derived, and this is where colour is and should be heading.

They sound amazing already right? Well there’s more including renewable energy and zero impact packing.

What they can’t offset they make up for planting forests with the latest project being the reforestation of Madagascar which used to be 90% forest and was sadly reduced to 10%.

There is so much more to be said for this company and to see it head to

Davises OI Range Sam MacDonald Hair

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Why do I choose Activance for guests visiting Sam Macdonald Hair?

Why do I use Activance?

Activance is a simple range to assist your body in clearing any scalp problems such as dandruff, dermatitis, hair loss, psoriasis and more.

Often when we have these sensitivities, our hair care can make the issue worse as they can be heavily perfumed and contain many ingredients that can aggravate the scalp further..

Activance is fragrance free, silicone free, contains no artificial colours or chemical preservatives, contains no parables, sls or sles, no hidden impurities, is not tested on animals and finally is also vegan so has no animal products in it.

What does it contain if it doesn’t have any of this?

Highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients, combined with the most effective natural plant extracts.

I use this range in conjunction with my Trichoscope which allows me to magnify your scalp and hair so we can see exactly what’s happening that we could miss with the naked eye and we can prescribe the correct products. We can also store the pictures to watch your progress between visits.

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"I’ve always struggled to be patient when styling my frizzy hair. It has a mind of its own! When I saw Sam’s post about a styling lesson I jumped on it as I really needed help. I’m so glad I did!
Sam is so knowledgeable and gave me lots of tips and tricks to help me understand and smooth my hair easily. She had patience with all my questions and suggested some fabulous products to help me at home. Can’t recommend Sam enough! Thank you"
Tanita Seton